Monday, April 22, 2019

Party Central.

Rickety Rehearsal space.
Frogs and toads have their spring mating frenzies, the Easter Island crabs have their thing and the people of Cheshire and beyond have the Nantwich Jazz Festval, an incredible 5 day Easter Party that not coincidentally, generally comes along with the return of the warmer weather.
I played here again for Rickety Wireless, having not played together for months, so we booked out the afternoon for a rehearsal.
It was a great fun gig and we even managed to put some extra tunes in.

Thanks to Tim Lee for this photo, read more about Nantwich and this festival on Tim's blog post at

Thursday, April 18, 2019

From here to Ftumch!!

Download the brand new debut track by FTUMCH!!

Rob Collins was first (to me) a photographer who appeared at one of the Words and Music Fest events, I then got to know him as a festival organiser, a Ukulele tutee and a friend. He has been involved in music for a long time, not least as the bassist in the awesome award-winning punk band Imbalance.
Somehow, Ukulele lessons evolved into getting involved in this exciting new music project with Rob as a co-writer. Rob is a prolific creator/producer of tracks, tending to release about a track a week.
I think it's fair to say, that what we have started doing with Ftumch!! is some kind of music that neither of us would come up with individually, which it makes all the more exciting to be involved with.

Tuesday's video shoot, with help from Ang (and watched by pusscats)..

..and here's the result..

Back in December, producing the track (more to come..)