Saturday, January 26, 2019

Sometimes it's a Battle!

Today at the Battle of Nantwich reenactment event,  I had the pleasure of accompanying a brilliant young singer/guitarist Kevin Harrop on the Redshift Radio community stage. 

I've been helping Kevin with his progress on guitar for a good couple of years now and he's doing amazingly well. As if that's not enough, he's also got a really nice voice with good control of both his vocal pitching and guitar playing. The makings of a future star!

The super-efficient sound engineer wasn't expecting an act like this unfortunately(!) so a few minutes of re-arranging the mic set-up (so that Kevin and I shared a vocal mic, plus an additional mic for his guitar). Kevin basically sang and played while I accompanied on a DI'ed guitar plus backing vocals while kneeling down to reach the shared vocal mic! All part of the fun with these sort of events and sound-guy did a great job in turning things around for us. The crowd, though earlyish and a bit chilli, enjoyed the songs, some joining in while children danced, and many made a point of saying afterwards what a talent Kevin is, especially for one so young. Look out for him in the future!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Ahead of the Set.

Friday, 11th January, 2019

Well, this was a most unusual one from my point of view, really taking the role of a sort of 'play out' artist following an inspiring talk by the North West MEP, Julie Ward. A really interesting talk and Q and A in these incredibly tumultuous political times. 

Technically, there was a somewhat unexpected problem of wearing a Madonna-style headset mic (though not the cone-bra to go with it). I had checked out the venue PA system in a technical meeting earlier in the week and knew that a headset mic was the way we were going with this, however, it wasn't until the actual performance and having to deal with the dynamics in the vocal performance (ie the 'louder and quieter' bits where I would normally move further away from the mic where singing really loudly and so on) where I suddenly had to improvise singing some really high notes that I normally belt out loudly to get them out there, only having to do them relatively quietly.. not easy!

Julie Ward, MEP

Earlier in the week...

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Paradise Sting

As a result of my new access to GarageBand, I've ended up playing with the new features and have come up with a brand new album of instrumental, ambient, sci-fi loops and sounds based on an imagined adventure. I'm releasing it under the artist name Kitten Jynx as it's so different from everything else I do, so as to reduce confusion rather than cause it.
It's out today and you can listen or download it here: (Track 1 requires good speakers or headphones).