Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yes I know my hair was long, I know I didn't wear glasses - some of us can play guitar without looking don't you know! OK I didn't see too much but that had its advantages.

By the way - I'm starting this blog to encourage me to re-boot my "career" in music. So if anything happens - it will be here!

A gig in Preston or more likely, Wigan. Before we went on we were all tired and nervous. We all had "pro-Plus" caffine tablets furtively doled out to us - we must have looked like proper rock-druggies or something! (Some of us might have been but I'm nameing no names!)
This was in a marquee outside at the Sandbach Arts Festival when such a thing existed. We must have played for about 40 mins and we played really well and the crowd loved it too (sometimes you get one thing or the other, neither or both!).