Monday, October 28, 2013

Everyone's a Blue Yellow! The Nag's Head, Crewe. October 26th.

Photo by Martin Rivers
The tiny confines of a great little music pub, The Nag's Head in Crewe mean you have to be careful how you move about on stage, but it was well worth it for a close-up and personal night where some in the audience became a Blue Yellow for several songs after we handed out a load of percussive shakers and the like. Great atmosphere, thanks to everyone who created that for us! 
Tim Lee did a superb job in support, you really should do yourself a favour and check this superb songsmith out.

Tim's set
Love is Cruel
Diagram of a Heart
One Missed Call
Tracks of my Tears (Smokey Robinson cover)
Prettiest Green Eyes
Ride on the Breeze
This is a Lie (The Cure cover)
Whats in a Word?
I'm Just Gonna be me
She's a Drug
Sophie Draw.

BlueYellows set;
Cry Cry Kill
Love Limpet
The Owl & the Willow
Minute in the Sun
Big Low Copper Moon
Jolene (Dolly Parton cover)
Where the Sky meets the Sea
Killing Me
Feels like Sunshine
Farmer John (Don Harris & Dewey Terry cover - inspired by Neil Young & Crazy Horse's version).
No Tobacco, No Jesus
These Boots are made for Walkin' (Lee Hazelwood cover).

Injury of the evening; A split lip when dancing in front of the stage resulted in my mic punching straight into my face.

Quote of the evening 1 (just for fun, I'm sure Russ Abbott is a lovely guy); Someone - "Oh what an atmosphere!", me - "perhaps we should cover that?" Simon - "Russ Abbott?!?!", me - "To be fair he's the only entertainer of his generation who hasn't turned out to be a paedo", Simon "yet".

Quote of the evening 2. Me (talking to girl wanted to know when we are playing in future) "Would you like to go on our email mailing-list?" - "I haven't got an email address" - "are you on facebook?" - "no" - "have you got access to the internet?" - "no" - "We'll send a pigeon".

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Alexander's the Great!

A Tuesday night acoustic night. Anywhere else that would mean more musicians than members of the public, a few girl/boy friends they've managed to drag out on a school night, perhaps a gaggle of girls in the corner about to set off to the karaoke next door. But not here, not Alexander's Chester. The famous acoustic night featuring loads of great acts from near and far was packed to the rafters, standing room only with people standing around every available walkway and sitting on steps. Just great stuff.
The Audience starts to build ahead of the music.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Orchard Jam

An unusual one as gigs go; A guest-set along with Dayve Dean and a public jam night. Orchard studios is a busy professional studio and perhaps Oakhanger's, nee Alsager's,  nee Cheshire's best kept secret. They work with the great and the good but a lot of musicians local to the area have never heard of them. They're currently working on some event ideas that may well change that.
Just to help spread the word, here's a great little promo;