Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Musical "Best Bits" of 2012. What were yours?

There can only be one best or at least "most important"  bit of 2012 for me as a year which has seen the debut album release for my band, The Blue Yellows. Namely "All These Things Right Now"! We're very proud of it so please feel free to listen and download via this link below. We are more than happy for you to pay absolutely nothing at all for the download if you like we're just delighted for you to have a copy and listen.

January. Gigs at new venues including Oddie's Bar in Crewe and a new video for an old song in "Pleasure Machine" from The Applecause days.

February. Our first forays into the recording studio at Orchard. Read the studio diary HERE

March. More studio work including Mr Dayve Dean doing some guest backing vocals for us, read the March studio diary HERE

April & May Back to live rather than recording with some great gigs and my first ever gig, with the band at a favourite festival of mine, The Nantwich Jazz Festival.

June. Mixing "All These Things" in the studio and a fantastic-fun gig at The Middlewich Boat N' Folk Festival.

July. The Launch Show for "All These Things" with great support from Human Condition and Tim Lee of Suzie Does It fame. Thanks guys, and to the many who bought CDs that day and at the following shows. I also had this discerning audience, sat down ready and early for my solo set at The International Eisteddfod!

August.Great reviews came in from the good and the great in music journalism, Read them HERE Plus another great fun festival gig near Northwich which included fantastic musical friends Phil Maddocks and Sink Or Swim who had also played, in the audience.

September. All These Things T-Shirts became available. Buy one HERE.

October.Some great late festival gigs including Boxjam III and a solo set at The Levenshulme Festival.

November & December. More solo sets including my 1st proper show at the rather lovely Cafe Yes! and 3 of the 4 BYs including myself played a special send off by Liverpool's Albert Dock.

Thanks to everyone mentioned above plus many others for helping me have another fantastic year in music plus thanks to all of you who have come to shows, bought CDs, downloaded tracks or just followed my on the web. Special thanks must go to my fellow band-mates Hayley, Emma and Simon for giving my the highest of musical highs you can only reach playing live in a full band and to Dan Logan for his expertise in the studio.

2013? So far I've almost finished writing 3 brand new songs with a view to a solo album, have started having dates for my 2013 solo shows confirmed, have a video being planned for a Blue Yellows track  and will also be involved in the soundtrack to a new film, stay tuned right here to find out more!
Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true! xxx

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Trav'lin Troubadours.

Before: Arriving in central Liverpool and her dizzying bright lights, as viewed from Vincent, the van.

We had a lovely time last night, for the last scheduled gig of 2012, by "we" meaning me, Hayley, Emma from the band and 7 year old Soul making his live debut on additional percussion! The bittersweet occasion was the celebration of the life of Geoff, captain of the tall ship Zebu in The Albert Dock, Liverpool, who tragically died a few weeks ago. There were some heartfelt readings, memories of the man and an appropriately good time was jolly-well had by all of Geoff's shipmates and family.

At gigs we're used to getting free beer and free food sometimes, but this is the first time we had a password to secure our prized ale! "Live" is never averse to the odd mishap and on this occasion Emma's accordion was subject to a log-landslide no less. Luckily an accordion-tech was on hand (the place was full of sea-shantying types, many playing a song or two) to bring it back into shape and allow "D"  to be played again.  

I'm not aware of any "during" photos for now but here's a before and after at least.

After: Knutsford services in the small hours.