Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shining Bright.

27th November, 2015

Nantwich Civic Hall was the venue for another charitable outing as Christmas approaches, this time in aid of The Shine Bright Foundation. Have a read about the heart-wrenching reason for this charity's  existence HERE

The exciting promise of a pre-gig stage.

Thanks to Terryoke Entertainments for this photo from my set.

So, a great cause plus top entertainment courtesy of the following artists, please click on the name to find out more about these super-talented folk, Sharmane's vocals were especially outstanding, top night;

Stephen Robinson (anyone know an artist-website link for Stephen?)
Amy Dockery (anyone know an artist-website link for Amy?)

 Terryoke entertainments rounded up the night with stomping tunes to keep 'em dancing before the end. 
With talk already of a similar event next year, should be good!
Thanks to everyone who came along for making it so successful and to Marc Gallagher who was busy all night both as sound engineer, and as one half of Maple Clouds. Cheers!

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Real Santa.

Tim Lee, who played wonderfully before us,  and drummer Dave set up behind the curtain.

'Curtain up' or rather, open.
22nd November, 2015

Another charity concert for the Blue Yellows gang, this one with a definite Christmassy feel and another important cause; Crisis, the charity for single, homeless people. This being the relatively spacious environs, the Morton Jubilee Hall, Macclesfield.

Majenta was the wonderful organiser, a highly talented multi-disciplinary artist in her own right. A variety of acts and stalls entertained, including the young stars from Stagecoach and Santa himself. Indeed, Santa (clearly the real one) proved to be a nimble mover on the dance floor during our take on 'These boots are made for walking'!

In the circumstances we had to do a mega-quick set up and mega-minimal sound-check, which compromised our stage sound significantly, so most of the band couldn't hear various other instruments and/or themselves. I'm told it all sounded A-OK out front though, and the important thing on this occasion being the need to raise money for homeless people this Christmas. Well done all!

A further significant point. my first mince pie of the season!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A lovely booking.

A lovely book-shop audience. Especially Lola here!

My poultry-loving-poet friend (everyone should have one) Helen Kay asked me to do a kind of support/accompanying role for her reading at Nantwich Bookshop. Now poets have an even harder time than songwriters in trying to make a living from their art, but you would never had guessed it if you had been to this event.

Although clearly not as large as most music venues, the bookshop event was sold out and had to turn further interested people away. Helen performed from her recent publication 'A Poultry Lover's Guide to Poetry', entertaining the audience along with her side-kick Nigella (a puppet-Hen!).

As her other side-kick, I was to provide some atmospheric guitar accompaniment to some of her poems,  rhythmic, staccato and, well 'clucky' in one case and more melancholic and atmospheric in another. Before going on to perform my song 'Just Us Chickens' which was inspired by Helen's work. Although this was written as a one-off piece for a previous gig where we shared the bill, as requested this has now become a two-off, perhaps with more to come.

Notice how I cunningly avoided all the poultry-related puns in this article? Well, almost.

Helen's book.
Click HERE to buy.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Love is the Answer.

Bit of pedal-envy.
Derek from Brave New World's effects,
& the feet that will operate them.

To get back from a fun gig to the horrific news of the butchery in Paris last night was deeply upsetting. 

We should though perhaps have in our minds, the thought that actually most people have good intentions to one another most of the time, and such was the case surrounding this event, and no doubt many others around our planet that night. This was a fundraising event for The Alzheimer's Society. An area that is 'unsexy', underfunded and drastically affected by severe government cuts to care recently. 

All the more wonderful then that so many turned up to Willaston Club,  donated their money, brought their children or gave their time in support of this cause. My gang and our stage-sharers for the evening, Brave New Worldprovided the live music, plus Kirsty & Chris from The Cat Radio spun some indie-discs & did some announcing.

Many thanks to all who came out to support this, I heard from the organiser that hundreds of pounds were raised.

You can also read a local news report about the event by Jonathan White, HERE.
Brave New World & The Blue Yellows share the stage.
Photo by Jonathan White.

Singing Rockin in the Free World together for a grade finale.
Photo by Jonathan White.

A bit of our setlist.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Easy like a Sunday Morning.

This morning I braved the now more November-like weather to pop onto Redshift Radio to chat to presenter Paul Boniface on his regular show, 'Easy Like Sunday Morning'.
This was to chat specifically about Friday's upcoming gig.

The gig will be a fundraiser for The Alzheimer's Society, a cause which not only does vital work, but is increasingly important during this era of an aging population and severe cuts to care funding. My gang, The Blue Yellows and Psychedelic Indie-rocksters Brave New World will be playing, there will also be Indie tunes both before and in between bands from DJ (plus presenter and journalist) Kirsty Rollings

It's this Friday, November 13th at Willaston Club, Near Nantwich (7 Wistaston Rd, Nantwich CW5 6PU).
Doors are at 6.30pm, Live Music from 7.30pm
Tickets £5 adults, children Free!
You can text Derek on 07852300101 to reserve tickets (in case of the show selling out) or pay on the door. 

Listen again to the radio show here (I'm on from about 1hr 33mins in).

Official poster.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Piracy is(n't always) killing music.

Nov 6th, 2015

A night off from performing as The Blue Yellows (well not exactly, as we did a full rehearsal for our next BYs gig before heading out to this one) to perform as pirate band - The Blue Beards! Yes, indeed me hearties. 
This bussman's holiday was in aid of Zebu, the historic ship docked in Liverpool which recently sank, and is now in much need of funds now that she's been re-floated. This all took place at The Forest View Inn somewhere pretty much in Delamere Forest, and took some serious navigating down some windy wooded lanes to find.
Well worth it and felt more like a night out than a gig.

Read more about Zebu's re-floating and the need to raise funding for her HERE.

Thanks to Cap'n Dave 'The Groove' for the photos. 

Shipmate Simon guzzles the grog.
Jellyfish Jonnie &
Eaglesnest Emma.

Capt'n Coomer prepares to
punish the cajon.

The 'Blue Beards' hauling some keel.