Monday, May 29, 2017

Home made.

Updated June 4th 2017

I'm going to be doing some home made films about 'The making of'... my new experimental album Rafflesia Dreams as I roll it out hopefully over further formats. Here they are so far:

You will only ever be able to get all 14 tracks, including bonus tracks, via the bandcamp link here. So have a listen and get downloading if you like it!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

On the Offbeat, Off the Rails.

Many thanks to Tim Lee for this photo.
The creative Crewe people at, well put on a fab festival, The Big Event Festival, in the huge hanger-like former railway 'shed' that is now Crewe Heritage Center.
It was lovely that so many old friends turned up, not that I had much time to spend with them in my pre-gig tension or post-gig emotional exhaustion.
I did get to enjoy some fabulous artists before our set however including the jangly rockers with Beatlesque vocal harmonies The Continental Phase.
Good friends and brilliant songwriters Tim Lee and Dayve Dean both performed lots of as-yet unreleased material and it was great to hear their fine vocals in a place with such a huge, natural reverb.
You can also read Tim's experience of the occasion HERE (a blog-post within a blog-post I tell you, it's all here).
Raven's Way had a kind of post-folky retro thing going on and did an incredibly moving version of 'Who Knows Where the Time Goes', a wonderful Sandy Denny song. They were minus a (poorly) fiddle player but all sounded great, especially my fellow finger-picker guitarist Pete but then, I am biased.

A typical thing happened with me during our Blue Yellows set, and I should know better by now. A couple of songs in and I had lost so much of my vocal ability that I felt as if I was singing through a narrow straw, so wasn't able to go for the songs in the way that I wanted to, yet a few songs later and I had recovered... proof of lack of vocal warm-ups (again!). MUST DO. The gang did me proud, as always though, I'm very lucky to have you, thanks guys (and girl).
The Continental Phase opened the day.
Dayve Dean arrived in time to play a great set.
Me with drummist Dave, who'd had the
Purple Yellows treatment.
A very appreciative crowd, thanks all, and to all the friends I hardly got to speak to at all.
The Blitz team did a superlative job on the sound as we have come to expect and the Offbeat Beers were very nice indeed, I look forward to more of them when I have a few more pennies.
Tim Lee with great new songs.
(Sorry about my rubbish photo, Tim).

Monday, May 01, 2017

Lymelight Festival 2017

Fierce crowds were kept back by the security fencing!
Most of the band seemed more than a little bleary-eyed on arrival in Newcastle Under Lyme, our tiredness probably matched by the dull, drizzley skies which greeted us. We enjoyed the brilliant Kez Liddle's dreamy music before we went on. Finding we had a slightly longer slot at this, the fabulous town-center music and arts extravaganza that is The Lymelight Festival than we had originally been told,  so after a quick chat we added 'Love is the Answer' to the set list.

And... the Sun came out!

We added 'Love is the Answer' to the setlist
after the Radiohead cover.

We were super impressed with dreamy singer songwriter
Kez Liddle.