Monday, January 24, 2011

New Band Photo

Taken at our lil' Christmas get-together by Stephanie Burgess Arteaga...

Don't forget to stay tuned to our reverbnation for our latest bookings, some interesting ones coming in now...see our links and HERE... before then, we're planning a visit to the studio. See you soon :) x
(L-R Em, Me, Simon, Hayley).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alexander's Jazz Theatre, The Green Gig

I think it’s safe to say on behalf of the whole band that we had a spiffing time at The Green Party Concert. We were delighted to be able to invite Phil Maddocks (“The Maddocks”) and Dayve Dean who brought Spoons for some precision accompaniment on acoustic bass. In the van on the way over I had managed to convince myself that no-one would turn out on a Sunday night so soon after the Christmas party season but the place soon seemed pretty filled, and many stayed ‘til the end, a wonderful audience, certainly not the loudest crowd we have played to but a really listening, enthusiastic and attentive bunch they (YOU- if you are reading this – thanks! X). Apparently the gig was quite significant in terms of raising funds so thanks to my fellow bandees and everyone who organised the event, and most importantly, those who came. From “the guys” point of view of view I feel that we have we really grown as a band in the last few gigs, for instance I feel that we did the best performance ever (publicly or in rehearsal) of one of our songs; “Feels Like Sunshine” – so emotional and spirited, a magical experience to be within, and a part of such a fluid breeze of sound and feeling– what it’s all about!

Thanks for the photos by Abigail Wallis (B&W) & Howard Thorp (colour). Howard was an organiser and Parliamentary Candidate for The Greens for Weaver Vale at the last general election. Read his blog here.

There is also a different take on this event by an Angry Badger(!... see link at the bottom of this blog too) no less - he comes with an entire team of talented sound and promotional music people, and that's here.