Monday, September 30, 2013

Salford Music Festival but no toe-tapping - ouch!.

Photo by Gavin Ithel
I tend to dread outdoor gigs from this time of year as, although I'm generally someone who likes cooler rather than warmer weather, my hands do suffer from cold (even when the rest of me is too hot!). No such worries for my stint at The Salford Music Festival as it was very warm weather really. However a suspected broken toe and swollen, painful foot made the whole process of getting to and from there (by train and.. on foot) made it a painful experience, apart from when I was on stage (other than not being able to prevent my bad foot from stomping along to the beat!). It was nice to see a couple of friends there and I was also able to enjoy the lovely voice of Vicky Robson-Capps - be sure to check her out HERE.
"Backstage" overlooking the Greengate Urban Market in Manchester earlier.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Acoustic Alchemy II at the Vibe, the Vibe? Yeah actually.. the Vibe!

Not a dubious film but a rather wonderful night and another new venue for me, The Vine in Shavington. Funnily enough I keep miss-spelling it as "The Vibe", which would certainly have been an appropriate name on the night! All the bands & artists were "in the zone", great! With many thanks for Jonathan White for the photos and the many chums who turned up :) Jonathan was too late to photograph Sam Lyon who has the sweetest voice, catch her (JW) if you can. 
United Breaks Headlined. Photo; Jonathan White.
Me (well it is my blog). Photo; Jonathan White.

Great to see Dayve Dean back in musical action. Photo; Jonathan White.
Check out the great acts here;

United Breaksjoined by Tom Seals
Dayve Dean
John Macleod Band 
Sam Lyon

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Worcester Music Festival.

A bridge over the Severn from right outside the venue.
As far as I know, unless I visited with my family as a very young child, this was my first visit to Worcester and I was not disappointed, an exceptionally beautiful city. Worcester manages to combine an understated grandeur with the sort of quaintness normally associated with small, wealthy  market towns in the shires. Every street a hotch-potch of engaging architecture, around every corner, nook and cranny a pleasant surprise, pretty courtyards and squares. In other words YES, I had time to look around.
I was there for the fabulous Worcester Music Festival to play at the lovely riverside venue of The Old Rectifying House. Again I have been extremely blessed with a music-loving and highly attentive, enthusiastic audience. I hope this experience of recent months is a sign of a real growing enthusiasm for new music. Maybe it’ll all change at the next gig but thanks to all of you who have supported me so far, I really appreciate it enormously.
Another really positive factor for the weekend, and one which was a pleasant surprise to me when already on my way (the joys of the facebook news-feed) was that one of my very favourite bands, the completely awesome Pre Sleep Monologue. Imagine the sound-child of The Doors (maybe grand-child then), The Mars Volta, Jack White and the spirit of grunge and a post-apocalyptic Americana – right up my street. They rock and they groove. Do check them out HERE.

Thanks Worcester – a great festival which felt more like a holiday rather than music-work <3 font="">

Inside The Old Rectifying House.
The Old Rectifying House is the building on the right.
Everywhere a lovely courtyard or square.

They take bike-parking seriously too.

Even my hotel room had a nice view.

Worcester Cathedral

One of many grand buildings, The Guild Hall I think.

Reminds me of Nantwich!

Becky Rose with her fab take on brilliant electro-pop at the ORH.

View from the train.

View from the train.

View from the train.