Thursday, April 30, 2015

Live double-album to be released.

You may have read this post some months ago on my session aboard a floating studio, a bit of a bus-mans (boat-man's?) holiday for someone who's permanent home is a narrowboat I guess. 

Anyway, just after midnight last night or rather this morning I was delighted to find out a track from my session has made it onto the live double album of Narrowboat Sessions.

It is dedicated to the memory of Maggie Boyle without whom the sessions and album, would never have happened. I'd also like to personally thank Mark and Kira for their lovely hospitality in letting me aboard to play, and making me feel like a friend straight away.

Profits from the album will go to Cancer Research. I will be sure to let you know more when it's released.

Track listing;
1 Gary Edward Jones, 'Superheroes'.
2 Cavan Moran, 'Wheels of Rhyme'.
3 Adam Shearer and Kelly Louse Long, 'Pretty Girl'.
4 Jonathan Tarplee, 'Galleries.'
5 Plumhall, 'Thundercloud.'
6 Paul Reaney, 'Captains Daughter.'
7 David Dutton, 'Shine tonight.'
8 Me and Deboe, 'Friend.'
9 Maquini Wright and Peter (Sarge) Frampton, 'I am the river.'
10 Fiona Ford, 'Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.'
11 Henry Priestman, 'At the end of the day.'
12 Ben Hughes, 'My Amigo!'
13 Les Glover, 'Hank and me.'
14 Jim Bazely, 'Moocher.'
15 Oli Townsley, 'Dog in the Boulevard.'
16 Shamona, 'Rich mans sake.'
17 Dan Solan and the Midnight Sons, 'Stone instead.'
18 Henry Priestman, 'End of the day.'
CD 2
1 Maggie Boyle and Steve Tilston, 'Silver dagger.'
2 Little Rach, 'Made to love music.'
3 John Brindley, 'Precious Time.'
4 Gareth Scott, 'Blue Bird Cafe.'
5 Tim Radins, 'Copley Wood.'
6 Molly Tilston, 'I'm a woman now.'
7 Southbound Attic Band, 'The Ballad of George and Maud.'
8 Maggie Boyle, 'The Road to Camden town' (Written by Kevin Boyle)
9 Junior Dayvis, 'The Trees of Mozambique.'
10 Steve Tilston, 'Golden Apples.'
11 Kelly Louse Long, 'Lessons of Life.'
12 Jonathan Coley, 'Look around you.'
13 John Williams, 'She walks with the shadows alone.'
14 Ashley Fayth, 'Middle.'
15 Jo Bywater, 'Chopping Wood'.
16 Steve Blackstone and Gemma Jones, 'Mary's Flame.'
17 Russel Cottier & Oscar South, 'Tango.'

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Unusually Intimate.

Friday, April 17th.

A special evening of 4 songwriters at one of the best and most intimate music venues around, The Nag's Head in Crewe. 

Myself, Dayve Dean, Tim Lee and Martin Rivers all felt spirited enough to experiment and play some brand new songs. An enjoyable night! 

A highlight for me was when Abby (Human Condition & Five Leaves Left) added her superb backing vocals to Dayve on his beautiful song This Love.

I played There She Moves, Big Low Copper Moon, Toast The Night (debut), Wild Free Slaves (debut), Galleries and Love is the Answer (debut).

Friday, April 17, 2015

The taming of the Shrewsbury.

Photo by Verity Gray.
Wednesday, April 15th.

The Wheatsheaf. A lovely pub and selection of real ales - bonus. Many thanks to those who came a considerable distance to see and support me!

Fergus Reid was talented host for this acoustic evening & luckily for me brilliant photographer Verity Gray took some photos (see left & below). Verity is also the photographer for the front cover of Attachment Theories which I wrote about HERE .
Robert Clive was also in town.
Photo by Verity Gray.

Photo by Verity Gray.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Turning over a new Leaf.

Tuesday, April 14th.

My first time at this lovely tea-shop-come-bar-come-super-cool live music venue, Leaf in Liverpool. Like all the best venues, the emphasis was very much on original music.
Johhny Sands was the talented host.

Liverpool never fails to disappoint! 
Runcorn Bridge seen from my train.

The Mersey is there somewhere.
Lovely vibe at Leaf.

Johnny Sands was the inimitable host.

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Mindful evening.

Saturday, April 11th.

A Saturday night charity gig just a short walk from my current mooring, this one in support of MIND, an important charity that I'm really pleased to support. Lots of musicians were on hand and it was a crowded little place, hundreds of pounds were raised. In particular, they were raised for Rachel Lowe's London Marathon run coming up later on this month in aid of the charity. 
Good luck Rachel!
Thanks to Carl Foxley for the pic.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Following The Compass again...

Another day, another springtime back-stage, and new strings to play in.
Tuesday, April 7th.

A return visit to Chester and The Compass, this time to support the astounding Andrew Montgomery and his band currently touring his intense new album Ruled By Dreams. Some of you may know Andrew from his Geneva days and will be aware of his incredible angelic, souring vocals. These really go well with the overwhelming, emotional and, yes dreamy sounds of his new album and live performance here. Brilliant.

Talking of brilliant, my co-supportee of the evening was Oliver Townsley, a purveyor of captivating, brooding, moody songs, and a really nice guy as well as if that wasn't enough. Definitely one to look out for in the future. 

My photos were a bit rubbish in the low-light during the gig to be honest so I've posted a couple of videos that can do more justice to my fellow artists of the night, in case you don't already know about them. If that's the case please treat yourself and check them out;

I played There She Moves, Flamingos, Six Blade Knife (Mark Knopfler cover), Beachcombing, Big Low Copper Moon, Galleries and Feels Like Sunshine.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Morning.

Sunday, April 5th.

On Easter Sunday, I appeared on Paul Boniface's 'Easy Like Sunday Morning' show on RedShift Radio
Paul was great company and we chatted about all things music, including some of my musical heroes and influences as well as some of my musician friends doing the rounds at Easter . weekend gigs. We talked about my tour dates as well of course, and I played acoustic versions of Galleries, Big Low Copper Moon, There She Moves and Beachcombing live in the studio. 

Listen again here;

Lovely acoustics for my early-morning
warm-up in the radio-station rest-room/kitchen.