Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recent reviews (updated to include Oliver Arditi article).

Been busy doing lots of nice gigs and festivals recently (see the FaceBook site for lots of photos). We've also been delighted with all the lovely feedback from you guys and these great reviews for the new Ep and live shows recently. Just click on the image to read the full review;
Here Comes The Flood EP review; "Lo-fi quirky folk rock from the UK...  Powerful voice... stand-out track is the jump blues rocker No Tobacco... take note of the good time music backing vocals". Click on pic to read full review.

Oliver Arditi EP review; ", big beats, open spaces, wide vistas and a pronounced but un-histrionic soulfulness.. commendably uninterested in fashion.. their songs are passionate, humorous, communal sounding expressions..Engaging" Click on the pic to read full review.

Radicals Rising EP review; "Rare vocal tone.. eerie guitar.. intense, delicate melodies" Click on pic to read the full review.

Stoke Sounds Live review; "These guys really do pack a punch... humour and acerbic lyrics". Click on pic to read the full review