Monday, March 20, 2017

Rafflesia Dreams is OUT NOW!

LisUpdate ten & donwload here:
Listen & download at

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Two Pints of Lyrics and a Packet of Riffs.

Had a couple of recent trips to Runcorn, somewhere I've passed through so many times on the train on the way to Liverpool but never actually visited before until these occasions; the point being to visit a lovely bunch of young people who had recently been bereaved by a close family member, who had asked for some support with ideas on songwriting.

The bereavement of someone as close as a parent or brother or sister is a terrible thing to go through at any age, yet alone when you are a young teen to mid-twenties this group are, a time when there's a sort of assumption that your loved-ones will somehow be there forever...
This group were the subject of support of a wonderful organisation, Child Bereavement UK, who work hard to do all they can to help these youngsters come to terms with the strong emotions and difficulties they have as a result of the catastrophic loss they feel.
I can't say enough good words for them.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

WOW Macclesfield! You won't find a better venue than The Swan with Two Necks in Macc.

 March 3rd, 2017

Just wow! On my stays in Macclesfield in the past I have always tried to make it into The Swan with Two Necks as the atmosphere is so good, and I'm really glad to report that it's still as great as ever.
A clean, well presented place that also has a bohemian character (not to mention characters inside). Clean stylishness and bohemia are sadly not common bedfellows in the music-venue world, but they are here.

So a lovely place to be in, super-friendly and helpful staff and the people who came along were also dead friendly and up for a good time.

Thank You All!

In short, THE perfect place to play or see a band!
They are pretty active on facebook so please do check them out at oh and treat yourself to a night out there!
First time using my two-in-one guitar bag from Gear4Music

We pretty much stuck to the planned setlist
this time, other than modulate 'There She Moves' into
'Jolene' (by Dolly Parton) when some enthusiastic
folk started singing it!