Friday, March 18, 2022

Electric Dreams

 Working on something electronic 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


 Roughly coinciding with The Blue Yellows coming out of hibernation to start rehearsing 2022 shows, it was nice to get some airplay & nice comments on the BB of C.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Three is the magic number.

Jose Left, me on the right (from youtube - Boxing Day tracking)

It feels like my life in music is currently much less exhausting than usual but that’s actually because I’m still not doing much in the way of live music and rehearsing, both of which demand a lot of physical and emotional energy, considerable travel and lots of humping heavy equipment around. So it’s easy to feel that I’m not doing much at present.

The truth is though I’ve currently got three recording projects on the go; José continues with his next EP for which I am contributing some composition co-wrtiting, lyrics, vocals and guitar. A previous collaborator Jase (Jason Louth - see a previous co-write “When this Flower Opens” in my back catalogue for instance) has also asked me to write & record vocals for him. 

I’m also producing and experimenting with what will hopefully become the next Kitten Jynx releases (& the first that will have widespread availability beyond some Bandcamp loops). This is electronic music that might fit somewhere in between ambient, trance and EDM though to be honest I’m a bit out of my depth here in terms of knowledge (but not enjoyment) so my approach here is one of exploring production possibilities and having fun with it, which I hope will reflect in the finished tracks. All of course fitting in with working with lots of music students of various species.

Blue Yellows rehearsals are booked along with our 1st festival appearance or two of 2022 so normal, exhausting but exciting service will soon be resumed!

Future Kitten Jynx sounds?