Sunday, January 10, 2016

Playing music is playing WITH music (experimental home-recording project).

I finally seem to have got around to experimenting with some recording software of my own. I seem to be years behind my contemporaries most of who have been casting off demos and even releasing whole albums from their home studios.

I've put off doing this for several reasons; one is that I've never seemed to have the money to afford such an extravagance, another is that when I've 'had a look' at software before it's seemed incredibly and depressingly complicated. A further reason is knowing other people who are really good at it, and who I will always be reliant on.

The thought though that a) I shouldn't let myself get so far behind everyone else and  b) so many of my songs get 'lost' forever as sort of stillbirths... songs that never reach stage or studio, I want to at least make a record, in some sort of demo form, of some of the songs I write as I go along.

What I really didn't expect, and is a very pleasant surprise... is that I'm absolutely loving messing around with it all! 

Update 14/01/2016