Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sounds, CDs, Songs, Gigs and more for 2010.

With the first signs of spring arriving it seems a good time to take stock and make plans. Here’s what the band and me are up to from where we are now;

As you may know we have done a number of gigs which represent our debut performances with the full line up, these have enabled us to dust off some of our cobwebs and live-performance nerves and get us used to performing in a variety of different acoustic environments. We have had some great gigs and some seriously dodgy ones and we would like to thank everyone who has come out to support us. We really do appreciate it, you make it all worthwhile.

Our Sound. We have been particularly pleased with all the comments from people saying we have come up with a new sound. This is something that has come naturally to us I think as we have not gone into this with any conceptions of sounding like this or that band, or for that matter with some contrived idea of coming up with something new. If we are unique it is because we write, shape and play this music from our own hearts and personalities rather than trying to copy our musical heroes or by being influenced by current fashions. Thank you again, this is really interesting for us to hear.

Recording. Through March we are intending to some recording, perhaps using a variety of different sound engineers and resources, so we are hoping to come out of it with a CD single, EP or who knows even an album!

New Songs. We are really excited about a load of new songs going into our live sets, we hope you will be too!

Live. We should have a number of headline gigs and festivals coming up. Keep checking for latest confirmed events. We will invite some artists who we really like and who have been a help to us to support us at some of these gigs, people like Dayve Dean who as well as being a talented singer/songwriter in his own right, has had us on his radio show among other things.

Stuff to buy. As well as a CD, we are hoping to soon have some other stuff to buy like T-shirts, badges and who knows what else?!?... and expect a BlueYellows banner behind us when we play!

My Solo gigs? I am loving playing with these guys so much, they are all great friends (thank you BlueYellows! Xxx) and all of them are very individualistic people and musicians. However I will keep my solo oar in here and there, I will be playing a set at the Audlem festival for instance, as well as having a BlueYellows set there too.

Thank you again everybody x

Finally, for anyone interested in these things (and for my own record). The set list for our last two gigs, at The Full Moon and in Alsager was as follows. It’s rare to stay the same in 2 gigs but there you go;-

Killing Me
You Want My Head
(I’ll be your) Love Limpet
Owl in the Willow
Cry, Cry Kill
Feels Like Sunshine
These Boots were made for Walking