Saturday, September 29, 2018

"You've just gone LIVE in Birmingham!"

28th September, 2018

Played a really fun gig with the boys of Rickety Wireless last night, in spite of a split finger-nail (a potentially major issue for a finger-picker like myself!) and following a last minute rehearsal at Rickety Towers (aka Dayve's home studio).

It was yet another reminder, in this age where you are more likely than not to be filmed by many people during gigs, of the strangely world wide nature of even lil' mini-gigs like this; "You've just gone live in Birmingham!", someone said. 

These Rickety gigs were just meant to be for a bit of extra money, didn't know they were going to be good fun as well! 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Telling 'em at Telfords

22nd September, 2018

You may have heard enough about Brexit and you may, or may not, be entrenched in your view on it, so I won't go on about the issue itself so much save to say that this was a wonderful event with a festival-feel calling not to re-run the referendum, but to have a referendum on whatever deal that our government makes (or fails to make) with the EU.

I've been feeling pretty down about the whole situation for a long time, and had practically given up on making political comments on social media because I had felt so despondent about the result, having argued continuously, vociferously and with such determination on the need to stay in the EU to preserve our rights and those of the environment and wildlife, before the vote. The EU is far from perfect, but much better than the right wing burning of rights and protective regulation that would result from leaving.

Anyway, this seemed a really well timed event, given the political circumstances of the last few hours, and it was a lovely optimistic and exciting event with some wonderful artists.

Many thanks to the folk at Chester for Europe and Rock for Europe of course as well as this wonderful venue, Telford's Warehouse.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Happy Juice Records

Note that all music by Jonathan, The Blue Yellows and any associated artists will now be available directly from Happy Juice Records (as well as the usual, but more expensive online music streaming/downloading sites);

Saturday, September 01, 2018

My 1st Record Shop Gig (about time!)

A modern, if not even hipsteresque trend I am absolutely in favour of is that for record shop gigs. No hipsters here though; just friendly, down-to-earth people and seriously good songwriters, what more could you want?

An unexpectedly seriously hot day (when you take into account lots of walking and lugging equipment around), but a lovely event at 81 Renshaw Street in the might Liverpool; A record store which also has a bar, cafe, and seriously decent live music venue in the basement, and what's more this was an event organised by the fab folks at Liverpool Acoustic.
Just lovely to be a small part of this today.