Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas at The OBJ

Well, some people think Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Gremlins, however ours struck Em's Keyboard or more specifically her little magic midi sound box thing that sits atop her equipment and give her keys a sound. After some fiddling about with it she then switched to the accordion. Now Emma normally plays 'Just Like Nero', 'Galleries' and the Dolly Parton cover 'Jolene' on this instrument but she did magnificently busking  through the whole of the second set. 

The lovely people from The Situation were our hosts and the near Legendary venue (with stron Jazz associations), The Old Brown Jug. We were booked to do two sets with our old friend Tim Lee, as the filling in the musical sandwich. Tim as I've said many times before is a real talent and played a batch of new songs as well as greatest hits, you can here some of his new ones HERE.
The Poster - Simon was billed as "the most laid-back bassist in the history of rock and roll"!

Emma was on the accordion for the whole 2nd set.

Grumpy elf adjusts his stomp boxes before the gig.