Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Humankind Remix

I love the shear variety in our gigs. This photo is from in front of the stage at the Sandbach Christmas Lights concert, not long before we went on. The children here, including Soul and Alba from our entourage are meeting Alex from CBeeBees, who has just been doing storytime sessions with them. In the background, against the van, are Emma and Simon from the band and the sound-man for the day, who I think was called Allan.
Towards the centre, bending down towards little Alba, and next to his wife Steph, is our talented friend Jose Manu Munoz Arteaga (sorry for the lack of accenting here, how do you do that on an English keyboard???). As well as being a film-maker and musician, Jose has a wonderful talent in sound-mixing and has produced the music for some big theatre productions in Spain.
You can here his remix (with all the "cotton wool" taken out of the original sound) of Humankind here

In other news, we're delighted to be playing a concert for the Green Party at the wonderful venue of Alexander's Jazz Theare in Chester. Dayve Dean and Phil Maddocks should help to make it a wonderful evening!

Hope to see you there!