Friday, April 27, 2012

Back to Square One! (...but in a good way).

Taken in the exciting post sound-check, pre-show time.

Square One, the venue in Crewe that is! I felt really relaxed at this gig, really enjoyed it, the music flowed effortlessly. It's always a challange to play to a sort of pre-clubbing crowd rather than a musicistas but it felt like we rose to it. Exciting times with some really fun festivals being planned (and the EP of course!). In the meantime here's a little mini-songette of a ditti-intro type of thing...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Paw-Jive Jazz Festival (Nantwich).

I was a bit apprehensive about doing our debut at The Nantwich Jazz Festival without Emma, her keyboards being such an integral part of our usual sound & the Jazz Fest being an auspicious event with the likes of Cleo Laine, Wilko Johnson & Jacqui Dankworth performing, but as it turned out we had some additional musicians joining us on a one-off basis for this stripped-down, acoustic set. This included Louise Gibson (who has worked with Dave Dove, Geoff Mather and The Providence Jug Band among others) who provided some accompanying extra percussion and even more unexpectedly, Tash & Babooshka, two Cocker Spaniels in the audience who did some paw-jiving (with a little help from Duncan & Jacqui, their humans) and even some sing-along background howling!
Special thanks to The Angry Badgers for our sound set-up and Abby Wallis Photography for these great shots;-

Posing with an Angry Badger (over my sholder) and Dorota, our "Buscuit Manager", right.

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