Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Year of Attachment.

I've been thrilled and delighted by the number of CD orders and downloads directly from my bandcamp site, I see these more or less straight away (or when I go on my emails). 

The other day I got an email from my distributor that deals with with iTunes and other well known platforms and streaming services and I really wasn't expecting much at all but there has been a steady but significant trickle of sales there too.


I've had an amazing year in music culminating in this release, it costs an awful lot of money to record professionally like this and these orders and downloads really make a big difference in recouping these significant costs and importantly, may give me the chance to record again. If you haven't ordered yet, have a listen to my album for free if you like at & if you really like it please consider ordering a CD copy from me or downloading it. If you're not especially keen, thanks for listening anyway, but please check all out the amazing talent that is out there in music land. Original artists of all types are really struggling these days, and while cover bands are great fun, if we want music to continue to move forward (and our collective musical memories to grow) it is original artists and their art that needs to be supported and fostered, so please get down to a venue, see live original acts and if you like them, support them further if you can buy buying some music or some merch. Attachment Theories is just £4 by the way ;)

Also on iTunes for a bit more HERE.

Another record it was a pleasure to be involved with this year was a great album Headspace by Tim Lee.

See 'The Making of Headspace' video Tim made featuring guest artists playing their parts on the album.