Friday, November 05, 2010

Boxjam II was an absolute B L A S T

Arriving at the gig in the afternoon with Hayley & Em from the band (simon wa to turn up later) for my solo part of the event, the atmosphere at the acoustic stage was really mellow and the audience were really a considerate bunch of people who were there to take in the music and enjoy. Thank you if you were one of them! I cajoled the 2 of my band-mates present to join me for “No Tobacco, No Jesus” at the end of my solo set.

The whole event was wonderfully organised and there was a decent crowd at the electric stage, some cool bands on, belly-dancing and some random and fun, fez-wearing, heart-bearing goings on. Big thanks to you if you came, and to the organisers, Simon, Mat, Tina, Toby, Spoons! Looking forward to Boxjam the 3rd already! X

(The pictures are courtesy of Tina Newbury of Simon J Newbury Photography).