Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Poetry, Poultry & Pints.

One of the many slightly odd characters around the room, this one right above the performance area!

I've learnt never to approach any gig with any kind of air of expectation, even ones I've played before, and this one was a delightful surprise.

The Poetry & Pints evenings above The Lodge, Alsager, a fabulously unique den for the discerning real-ale quaffeur and lounge-philosopher, seem to consist of a guest poet on each occasion (several times a year as far as I can make out) plus a musical guest as well as open-floor spots for poets near and far. All this provided an attentive, quirky and knowledgeable audience.
The special poetry guest was Helen Kay, who I originally met through last year's Words & Music Festival. Helen has recently had her first anthology published 'The Poultry-Lover's Guide to Poetry'. So inspired was I by her readings at her book launch a few weeks ago, and my own copy, dedicated as requested, to both myself and my childhood-pet hen, Heather. That I decided to do a song for just this night only.
Fabulous evening, great atmosphere and performances. Also, if this wasn't inspiration enough, a very unusual room...

I played There She Moves, Galleries, Big Low Copper Moon, Toast the Night and Just us Chickens.
Among the dashingly attired, decapitated mannequin's
were all manner of oddments.