Tuesday, July 02, 2013

June 30th - A Slice Of Nice... yum.

Sunday afternoon.
I wasn't sure what to expect in the dark, but very cosey vaults of The Blackdog Ballroom in central Manchester. I say cosey, there were candles galore and squishy seating and just a couple of friendly organisers when I arrived out of the humid conditions above. The whole thing is in aid of the fantastic work of Forever Manchester who help local communities of this great city. Soon, others started to arrive and the room started to  fill up with music lovers and musicians... and what talent! I hope to catch up and hear the other artists who I missed this time round, but those I heard where inspiring.
I met Tiki Black who I have heard a lot over the internet and was delighted when i found, a few weeks earlier, that she would be doing a set so I would finally get to hear her live. Her debut album will be out soon and a "must buy" if ever there was one. 
First on was 19 year old Darien Crossley from North Carolina with a sweet, sweet voice and a nice way with mellow, dreamy lyrics and guitar with the odd nod to "bitter and twisted" from one so young. Very contemporary stuff. Then I caught Alex Carrington who was also great, but a complete contrast in style with jazzy chordings, and very percussive which got all the heads nodding and feet tapping.
Tiki Black, Majestic voice and piano.
Then came Tiki, the recordings I've heard were not to set me up for a disappointment, far from it. Tiki's performance was nothing less than mesmerising, majestic and deeply soulful. Her music and songs contain the wisdom of the mountains, or should I say volcanoes. As I said, her debut album is a must - but go see her live if you can too.
My own set, as with everyone else's was blessed with a warm, attentive audience who clearly love music, hanging on to every note during the performances and applauding enthusiastically after every song. What it's all about! Thank you to all involved and all who came along!

 Oh... there were cakes too!

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