Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pre-recording preparation.

It's not just a matter of turning up and playing (like anything else to do with making music). "Bring EVERYTHING" the man said, the man being Dan Logan our man at the console for our upcoming recording sessions at Orchard Studios in Cheshire. With this in mind I've been prepariing some guitars, by which I mean, among other things, changing the machine heads on "Rosie" the main classical I've been using lately (the previous ones had picked up some road-damage and weren't particularly high quality) and I've been re-stringing the Firebird and, last night my lovely new (old - early 80s) Tokai Strat.

We had a final recording preparation session yesterday which meant going through some further songs for possible selection, working out ideal tempos and getting used to playing to click tracks. We also came up with some new backing vocal ideas which we're really excited about to bring new dimensions and sub-melodies to our music. We're in the studio on Wednesday. See you soon!
The old machine heads from Rosie, pretty, but crappy.

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