Friday, February 17, 2012

Recording Day 2 (BYs debut E.P.)

Another full 8 hour studio day; Individual tracking including Hayley putting down a djembe track and re-taking a symbol track, on a non-full-kit song due to the tone of the previous symbol she used clashing (is that a pun?) with the sound of the song it was used on. I was also thinking about what to use for the treatment on a “dreamy” middle 8 section when Dan suggested what I was already thinking about;  i.e. utilizing the studio 12 string. Simon recorded his bass through a mixture of a miked-up amp and his DI’ed sound, I did some lead guitar and Emma worked on some keyboard sounds. Radley, who finished early last time due to feeling ill (something he ate we suspect) did a full shift this time and helped to keep everyone feeling cozy and amused! We’re due back again for more keyboards, vocals and backing vocals. Can’t wait!

Me on the 12 string

Emma with Dan at mission control

There's always a lot of waiting around in the studio (unless you're Dan!)

The 12 string

I used both of these amps on day 2
Listening back to some tracks

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