Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Back to LIVE.

So, a couple of shows in between some spaced-out (time-wise, not drug-induced!) recording sessions. The first one being a very special, private nee secret birthday party gig for Bob, lead guitarist for the accomplished Look Twice Band who is also indeed the father of Emma, our keyboardist, accordionist and backing vocalist in The BYs and what a great night it was - quite nerve racking too to play in front of so many experienced muso's, Look Twice themselves for instance having supported Elton John among many other notables. Now we're getting ready for an acoustic show in Crewe and we've realised, having concentrated on organising recording stuff for so long we haven't played many of the songs going into hour hour and 40 mins or so since mid December. Never mind, it will certainly be raw and the great beer at this venue should see us through! (Check the gig list on the right for details).

Look Twice sound check before us in the background while Bob's family and friends gather.

Getting some BYs T-Shirts sorted for sale at coming shows.

One of the designs

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