Saturday, July 20, 2024

Big Night in Smallwood

 19th July 2024

We were all set to do our bit for a special fundraiser gig for Saint Luke's Hospice, Cheshire on a gorgeous summer night. Em came to pick me up with plenty of time in hand in Vincent (the van) which then broke down I think due to a lack of diesel and a miss-calculation considering Vincent's fuel gauge doesn't work. Simon came to the rescue with two cans of juice and a jump start but we were an hour late by the time we got there, missed our soundcheck slot and only had time for a line-check.

Other than that, all went well and we had a fun time. Lots of solo and small group performances courtesy of vocal coach Katie Hackney and her graduates plus our good friend Dayve Dean and dance music in between all the artists.


Photo by Stewart Green 

Photo by Dayve Dean 

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Granary Grammar


I was delighted to be asked to perform a song as part of my good friend and award winning poet Helen Kay's book launch night. The poetry collection & the night itself were dedicated to Helen's much loved Aunty Phyllis who would've been a hundred and four tomorrow (she had made her 103rd birthday and lived a wonderful life).
Helen overshadowed by Nigella as usual.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Treading The Boar's

Updated 20/06/24 to include video

Our fairly short-notice return (by our standards) to The Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival saw us at the grand & historic Boar's Head Hotel, traditionally a focal point of this festival from the artists' point of view.

Thanks to everyone for packing the room nicely and giving us a fun time. 

Dave had a busy Saturday, 
depping for Greg Murray & The 7 Wonders 
as well as The BYs gig
Photo: Oli Ng

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Audio Audlem

 It was quite nervy start for us at the beautiful Audlem Music Festival as it was our first gig in ages and we'd also decided to start with a really explosive, newer song rather than warming up to it with a more familiar opening first. It was so lovely that so many great old friends turned up and we made some new ones too... 

Thanks so much for coming out, it really means so much x

Photo by Martin Butterworth 

Photo by Martin Butterworth 

Friday, May 03, 2024

Recently Reviewed

 Our first release since 2021 is out today!

Recently Deleted is on Spotify HERE

and on Bandcamp HERE

The Blue Yellows are dedicating this track to "everyone who has lost someone close to them". 

The track is inspired both by the deep sense of loss experienced in bereavement, while also placing these emotions and memories in the context of a disjointed-feeling world where previous foundations are crumbling and disparate voices inhabit the social realm.

On day one of the release, we also have a review in, a really good one, too. Beff writing for The Leopheard says that the track captures "... the raw essence of human emotion" with its intensity and "masterfully crafted" instrumentalistation. We're chuffed about this and really appreciate such a deep-dive.

You can read the whole thing on The Leopheard