Saturday, December 31, 2016

Toasting the night.

The Crown Ballroom, Nantwich
There are gigs and there are gigs.
Last night I was back with my gang, The Blue Yellows for a very special one indeed, as our show was just a small part of the celebration of the marriage of two wonderful friends, Lucy and Tim... Tim being a part of the extended Blue Yellows family, having joined us on stage, and worked on production for us for some tracks coming out in 2017 among many other things.

We had a go at covering a couple of Tim's songs; You Saved Me (as requested) and Crazies, and although we are not a cover-oriented band, it also felt fitting that the last song we played in 2016 was a tribute to the late, great David Bowie.

Set List - Tim & Lucy Wedding.

Post sound-check selfie

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Rafflesia Dreams

Sample tracks and Pre-Order the new 14 track album Rafflesia Dreams, NOW!

Releases: First day of Spring, 2017.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016

In the Arts Lab!

Yesterday I appeared on Mark Sheeky's ArtsLab show on Redshift with his brand new concept in radio, where the entire show content (including music, poetry and more) is a world premier.
I was inspired by this thought to send him a track from my next album (Rafflesia Dreams), 'Where the Golden Cornfield Light is Grown', my very first attempt in a home recorded track.

Mark is a mutli-disciplinary artist and in just a few hours, remixed this before the show to come up with his own version, 'Dreams of Golden Cornfield Light'. I'm very much the beginner here, and don't know how he does it!

Studio 1, Artslab 2, Episode Zero
New song, 1. Versions, 2!

I chatted about how my lack of ability in recording technology may have, in other ways, forced me to focus on creative aspects of the recording process. 

By the way, Mark is looking for new content of all types, poetry, sounds and more for his show. It has to have never have been published before, not even on facebook or youtube, so all you musos and poets out there, even rough demos and draft work, get it in to him!
Me and Mark pre-air.
Thanks to Redshift Radio for the pic.
Listen Again!

Monday, October 24, 2016


* Updated 27th October, 2016

My next album, "RAFFLESIA DREAMS" will have it's digital release on the 1st day of Spring, 2017. It is a lo-fi, experimental, home made album made with free software and recorded on my narrowboat via a single mic, plus some live and 'session' tracks.
Track Listing:
1. Where the Golden Cornfield Light is Grown
2. Watch Out! (or I'll stick you in my Poem)
3. Spring Will Come (when this flower opens) - Session track co-written with Jason Louth.
4. The Animals are Revolting

5. The Day I Die (live)
6. Where the Sky Meets the Sea - The BlueYellows session recorded/mixed by Tim Lee 
7. Venus Vesuvius
8. Hidden Shallows
9. Just Us Chickens (includes samples of Helen Kay's chickens)
10. Outcasts Have X-Ray Eyes
11. New Bonus Track (download only)
12. Live Bonus Track (download only)
13. Live Bonus Track (download only)
14. Dream of Golden Cornfield Light (Mark Sheeky Remix of track 1).
I will be appearing on Mark Sheeky's show on RedShift Radio this Wednesday at around 4pm to talk about it further.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cause it's worth it.

Another Sunday, another lovely acoustic afternoon of music, this time all in aid of a great cause.
Well done everyone, and good luck Kieron Smith! (See Neil Smith's facebook clip, below).

The bus can only take you so far on a Sunday!

This is what it was all about!

The Penny Dreadfuls were anything but...  Great stuff!

Dayve Dean rocked the house. Great to see/hear Nick Bayes join him again on bass!

Thanks to Matty Hughes for this  and the top photo!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Words and Music Festival, postscript:

An absolute honour to have my signature on the Words and Music Festival '16 guitar which was raffled off, alongside those of such notables as Stornoway, John Cooper Clarke, Eddi Reader and Whispering Bob Harris who also performed this year. Whoa!

The guitar was won by one Mr Ian Wilkinson, nice one him!

                   Festival volunteers Mark and Eddie manhandle the signed guitarMy signature, by Mark's thumb, among the greats!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Espresso Love

Sunday October 16th, 2016

My 2nd gig at the 2016 Words and Music Festival, and a chance to do my Joolz Holland, not on the keys,  but rather in not only playing some tunes for the assembled pizza/coffee/music lovers, but also to introduce my wildly talented guests, Soulful songsmith Tim Lee, award winning poet Calum Dwyer and the wonderful virtuoso guitar playing and songwriting of Jo Bywater

Do click on their names, above so you don't miss out when they play a gig near you or have a product to listen to/read.

Many thanks to festival photographer, Chris Driver, for these photos!

Thanks too, to the lovely, attentive music-loving audience and Enzo themselves, providers of gorgeous coffees and Pizzas, for hosting!

Lots of very talented people around at this festival, and in the audiences. I got another lovely tweet from a very talented artist, this time, Hannah White! Thanks for letting me know about this, Hannah, and err, I'm sorry!

Dan Logan on percussion with me. Photo by Chris Driver.
Poet, Calum Dwyer. Photo by Chris Driver.

Tim Lee, Photo by Chris Driver.

Jo Bywater, Photo by Chris Driver.

Friday, October 14, 2016

A Crowning Moment.

Thursday October 13th, 2016

I have known Nigel Stonier for many years, at least as far back as the existence of the Sandbach Arts Festival, which he organised and, if I remember rightly, raised funds for Amnesty International

Last night was his gig at the Crown Ballroon, Nantwich for the Words and Music Festival, of which Nigel is one of the directors, but only rarely plays solo, himself. I was delighted that he asked me to do a solo slot and not only that, join himself, Thea Gilmore and Fluff for the final song! Top night.

The whole evening represented a celebration of now, nine, yes NINE successful years of this amazing festival. A real pleasure to be a part of it. Nigel received a very well deserved round of applause for the amazing part he has played in coming up with the 'mad idea' in Thea's words, of starting this festival, which now hosts some of the most incredible, international acts.

With thanks to Kirsty of KRPR Services for some of these shots (the good ones, as credited)! 

Guitars wait nervously in the
Green Room

Thanks to KRPR Services for this photo.

The finale! Thanks to KRPR Services for this photo
This part of the rider
didn't last long.