Saturday, November 19, 2022

Back to the Tap


A gig at Tom's Tap was among a string of gigs that were among the 1st that we preemptively cancelled when it was becoming clear just how serious Covid was turning out to be not long before the 1st lockdown was announced, so it felt especially good to be back at this absolute gem of a brewery come comedy & music venue. With We Are Nomad's Mike on Sound and our good friend Tim Lee opening with an engaging performance of his emotive songs, it was set for a great night. Lovely to see good friends and new friends, thanks to all for coming along on such a dark and drissley night. 
Thanks to Tim for the great photos on top of the great songs. 

Tim Lee was in great form

Sunday, November 13, 2022

A Time to Mime

It's probably still a bit too early for details, but having recorded the track a few weeks ago (see post on 09/10/2022), myself & Dave from The Blue Yellows joined many others for a video shoot which I believe will first be seen in a couple of weeks... 

I was a bit early so sat on
this bench with a sandwich & 
can of supermarket 

Dave always makes a good entrance

Monday, October 10, 2022

A Nastee Night

A rare (these days) solo performance from me to play The Songwriter Sessions for the Opening Night of The Words & Music Festival

I had the pleasure of playing and also introducing special guests, top producer/Songwriter Nigel Stonier and barnstorming new folksters Nastee Chapel. 

Photos by Chris Davies

Sunday, October 09, 2022

A sound bite


A trip to Soundbites Studio to record for a special project - more of which later in the year. 

Monday, July 18, 2022

Alsager ON FIRE!

Alsager Music Festival 17th July 2022

*Updated 22/07/22

At risk of using not one but two overused words in this opening sentence, Alsager this year saw the start of a period of unprecedented levels of smothering heat opressing our usually fresh sumer weather, though I guess we will have to try to get used to this more and more as it becomes the "new normal". My train to the event was change to a rail-replacement bus due to a trackside fire (having gone through such a fire only on Friday on my train to rehearsals) Thank goodness for a strong breeze though to make things much more pleasant though.

Thank goodness too for the as-aways brilliant organisation, great sound which once again came from Mikey of Soundbites Creative on the desk but most of all to all of you who came along and sang along. You were just great, and gave us a fab time - thank you! x 

*Also - there was a frantic ant nest right beneath /around my pedalboard. 

*The Buggs joined us for "No Tobacco" after opening the day brilliantly earlier. 

Photos by Tim Lee