Thursday, November 09, 2023

I Thought I Saw an Angel

 (Updated November 24th to include latest press) . 

Out everywhere from December 8th.

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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Stumped for a sound?

 Updated 28th Oct 23 to include newspaper page. 

I was recently included in this article about The Applestump Sessions 

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Time for the 'C' word...

 Although I'm possibly one of the least "Christmassy" people you could meet, as a musician and songwriter I often get asked to contribute to Christmas events or projects, and this year is no different.

Mark Sheeky, a multi-disciplinary artist and something of a renaissance man being a composer, sculptor, fine artist, poet and more, asked if I'd write a song and contribute it to this charity Christmas album project. 

Below is a video on my response and a bit on my approach to this. 

The album will raise money for the important work of Lath Group Homeless Charity  who do wonderful work for homeless people in my area.

You can pre-order the album here: Christmas Charity Album

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Friends of Friends of Merlin

 Still on a high from last weekend's sellout, tonight was an all-too-common situation of bands playing to other bands kind of a deal, though it's always nice to meet up and hang out with our fellows in this role called "Muso". Flooding from storm Babet put paid to rehearsal so we stuck to familiar recent setlist material. 

Photo by Maz from Friends of Merlin 

double espresso 

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Contemporary Tom's


Photo by sister Sue Tarplee-Williams 

Contemporary Nightmare 

We Are Nomad - photo by Tim Lee

Em - photo by Tim Lee

I've learned to at least try never to have any preconceptions as to how good a gig is going to be, but have to admit that the good feelings I had about this one turned out to be more than justified. In spite of considerable difficulties with the sound through soundcheck, Mike (from We Are Nomad) was as ever thoroughly well prepared but had some real issues for a while... But it was all sorted in time for the show. 

As if Mike didn't have enough of an event to sort, he and the other 50% of We Are Nomad , Rona were first up, and what a spellbinding and chilled start to a great night they were. We'd specifically asked them to focus more on original material for this one and it was great to hear their own songs including their epic "The Ocean". 

Next up were brand new band (this would be their third ever gig), namely youth indie-rockers Contemporary Nightmare I knew front-man Dylan Bugg from both his previous band The Buggs with brother Owain and from the fact that I taught them both guitar when they lived in Cheshire. To say we (I think I can confidently speak for everyone there) were impressed was an understatement. A teen band 3 gigs in are supposed to be really rough, battling with the basics like staying in time, maintaining a solid groove and holding a good melody under the pressure of the public gaze and not wanting to let yourselves down... These things typically take many gigs to begin to master before a band goes on to flourish. These lads definitely have "it" - straight out of the box - hugely enjoyable set. 

When it came to my gang The Blue Yellows we felt ready to take some risks on some newer material as well as some old favourites. Everyone seemed to love it. 

The night was certainly massively enhanced by such a thorough approach to sound from Mike, a superbly atmospheric light rig provided by Pod (Jason Podmore), plus a dry-ice machine (I think we're supposed to call it "haze" nowadays having been laughed at by a student working in light shows for calling it "dry ice"!). On top of that, many great photos were taken by Tim Lee, Martin Edwards & others many of which will appear over the coming months no doubt (with credits of course) in our socials and so on. On top of all this, the venue itself - Tom's Tap and Brewhouse - well, we just love the place and love playing here. Not only are their beers, ciders and other beverages and food top notch, but like any great places the personalities of the people running the joint really makes a difference and they have really built a community - one with all the right vibes and a real focus on egalitarianism and inclusivity. 

I will certainly have missed people out in this something of a thanks-fest post but as ever - the people who really make the difference are you lovely lot who come to the shows. YOU give us the energy, you share the emotions and excitement of making this mad, roller-coaster of feelings that is a live music show; thank you so much! 

Mike was prepared on the desk well in advance