Sunday, September 16, 2018

Happy Juice Records

Note that all music by Jonathan, The Blue Yellows and any associated artists will now be available directly from Happy Juice Records (as well as the usual, but more expensive online music streaming/downloading sites);

Saturday, September 01, 2018

My 1st Record Shop Gig (about time!)

A modern, if not even hipsteresque trend I am absolutely in favour of is that for record shop gigs. No hipsters here though; just friendly, down-to-earth people and seriously good songwriters, what more could you want?

An unexpectedly seriously hot day (when you take into account lots of walking and lugging equipment around), but a lovely event at 81 Renshaw Street in the might Liverpool; A record store which also has a bar, cafe, and seriously decent live music venue in the basement, and what's more this was an event organised by the fab folks at Liverpool Acoustic.
Just lovely to be a small part of this today.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Another lovely Garden Party gig.

Once again The Blue Yellows and many of the musical great and good in these parts and beyond were asked to play at a private garden party with people our talented hosts; Martin, Elaine and family who have become good friends. The day also included another partner in crime Dayve Dean working hard on the (great) sound all day as well as playing a set of his enchanting self-penned songs.   

A real highlight, I think all would agree was poet, and guest of Helen Kay, Joy France. Joy said that when people see her at a poetry event, "..they expect daffodils" and when at a slam or rap/slam event, the other artists involved (if they don't know her yet) have been known to inform her that she ended up in the wrong place, and politely tell her where the loos are...

Well, if you are in any doubt of the poetic powers of this woman, check this out!

A snippet of our set..

Saturday, August 04, 2018

GlastonLee Festival - Made of Love.

I know it takes a dedicated team of people to work on a festival as a full-on commitment for the best part of (if not a full) year to make it this sort of success. Well this, Glastonlee Festival one was put lovingly put together by family members of Lee Belsham (of Dr Phibes fame), in his memory and honour, and to raise money for St Luke's Hospice which did so much to care for Lee, as with so many others. A festival indeed, made of love.

The ongoing heatwave, which has been making life so uncomfortable in many ways, was of course a further blessing for an event like this, and although tickets sold well online, plenty more paid on the gate as the day went on. A great day, and night!
A pleasure, an honour,  to be a part of this.

Evert act I head sounded great! This was Brave New World, kicking the whole day off.

Mark Barnett with relaxed audience.

Not needed thankfully.

Our salubrious back-stage area.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

The BIG Day Out, just across the road.

Memphis, Chicago, California, Birmingham, Andalusia, the North West of England.

Sometimes we need reminding that if you are a music fan, and you live in the North West of England you are in an incredibly lucky minority of the World's population to live in one of the globe's capitals of popular music.
Even though here in Nantwich, I'm in a relatively countryfied, indeed gentrified backwater, if I stand on my narrowboat roof, I can actually see Manchester, and Liverpool is just as near (or even nearer if train fares are anything to go by). Both iconic cities on this planet's musical map. Birmingham, the birth place of all things metal, is less than half a day's bike ride away (if you're serious about bike-riding anyway). Some of the world's biggest music names on this little planet of ours will play within an hour or two travelling time of here every time they tour the world and we should NEVER EVER take that for granted.
I remember an interview with one of my musical heroes Flea (he of The Red Hot Chili Peppers fame) recently, saying that it's pretty tough playing in Manchester, England and even in their home town of Los Angeles, as such cities are so blessed with mega-heroes of music playing in these places week in and week out, there can be a tendency to for audiences to feel quite blasé about it, whereas if they play in Mexico, or a country in South America, the crowds are absolutely wild with excitement; dancing, crying and singing every word at the top of their voices and in a two hour joyous state of pure ecstasy in their one and only chance, in their one and only city in which they can ever see their heroes.


Anyroadup, although there weren't too many about for my set at Big Day Out Cheshire I felt the surrealness and the pure luck of being born in the right place to have an experience like this, of playing my little set, then walking a few steps to a see a band whose music I have grown up with as part of the background soundscape to my life/our lives on the radio at home, on the coach or wherever. What a thing!

I also greatly enjoyed a superb set by Tim Lee, especially a new song which I think was called 'Performance', the always brilliant Photo Booth Smile and the inimitable brilliance of Baxter!

Thanks to all involved, especially that very busy Lizzy and the whole team surrounding Redshift Radio who seem to have a lot to do with it all.
Tim Lee in great acoustic form,

The ever-awesome Baxter!

The expanded line-up and even bigger sounding Photo Booth Smile.

I played a lot more than is on my surliest here!

Many Thanks to Tim for this photo!