Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recording Day 1 (BYs debut E.P.)

We clocked in a full 8 hour recording day to lay down the basics of the tracks we want to get down, drums being the focus with a guide vocal in each case, and a guitar, bass and keys. We have one track with a subtle but significant tempo change for the middle 8 for which plan A is recording "perfectly" in sections with a plan B in reserve, which will be to do a more organic live version. Everything is sounding good though and we can't wait to go back on Friday.
The main mixing desk looking into the band room, Hayley at the drums, Emma talking to Dan while he mics up

No idea what this does (something to do with sound is my guess).

Radley, the studio dog, adds to the homely feel!

The guitar room (though it says "Admin" outside the double doors!)

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