Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Recorded Live at "Oddie's Bar", including my miss-sung lyrics!

Please be with me for ever more,
I don't want to close the door.
In the darkness, the air is still,
broken silence, like bird's song shrill.

(Chorus) Feels like sunshine,
tastes like sugar,
sounds like thunder,
'cross the water,
the rain is washing my drowning sorrow,
the bell is tolling across the river.

A rainbow painted into the sky,
air like a tower, feel the spirits slide.
A scent of Autumn, smell of decay,
The Moon relfecting my final wave.


High and dry, above, deep inside, to The Earth I sacrifice,
deep into the soil my spirit slides, to The Earth I sacrifice.
(Chorus x2)

The bell is tolling, tolling, tolling, tolling. (Copyright J.Tarplee All rights reserved.)

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