Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year Planking.

Guitars I intend to gig with in 2012; on the floor we have (L-R) a Bose acoustic folk & Ashton Joey [mini-acoustic for impromptu sessions etc], back row (L-R) Mirage custom [similar to a Schecter with powerful humbucker pickups], Tokai Goldstar Strat, Roberts Firebird and Ashton Classical. The Tokai Goldstar is a new addition to me, an early 80s model I found in The Rhythm House in Stoke .I tried it having heard good things about these guitars from a friend & fellow guitarist, Derek (who also sold me the lovely Firebird) and following this up with investigating some online reviews. I also tried, for comparative purposes, a U.S. Fender Strat which was 6 times the price but didn't sound as good to me!

 One more thing, for now; Here's a new youtube posting of a live track I did as part of a live radio session a while ago.

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