Monday, October 24, 2016


* Updated 27th October, 2016

My next album, "RAFFLESIA DREAMS" will have it's digital release on the 1st day of Spring, 2017. It is a lo-fi, experimental, home made album made with free software and recorded on my narrowboat via a single mic, plus some live and 'session' tracks.
Track Listing:
1. Where the Golden Cornfield Light is Grown
2. Watch Out! (or I'll stick you in my Poem)
3. Spring Will Come (when this flower opens) - Session track co-written with Jason Louth.
4. The Animals are Revolting

5. The Day I Die (live)
6. Where the Sky Meets the Sea - The BlueYellows session recorded/mixed by Tim Lee 
7. Venus Vesuvius
8. Hidden Shallows
9. Just Us Chickens (includes samples of Helen Kay's chickens)
10. Outcasts Have X-Ray Eyes
11. New Bonus Track (download only)
12. Live Bonus Track (download only)
13. Live Bonus Track (download only)
14. Dream of Golden Cornfield Light (Mark Sheeky Remix of track 1).
I will be appearing on Mark Sheeky's show on RedShift Radio this Wednesday at around 4pm to talk about it further.

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