Monday, October 03, 2016

Alderley and Wilmslow Beer & Wine Festival. A Festive Day.

October 1st 2016

Not only was this event our last open air festival of 2016, it also marked the birthday of the band's keyboard.backing vocalist and all-round wonderful person, Em! She and Pete brought the little ones, as did many members of the public. Not just a boozy event then, a frivolous fun-filled atmosphere with plenty of child-dancers. Always makes us laugh and warms our hearts.

Thanks for giving us a great time!

We were all impressed by Ceva (band members about 14 years old), catchy Indie band who rocked the stage before us.
Thanks to the fabulous @TheBlueYellows @LaurenLovelle @cevabanduk @ColetteTodd @EwanSim_ for yesterday. Amazing the lot of you :) cheers!

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