Thursday, October 27, 2016

In the Arts Lab!

Yesterday I appeared on Mark Sheeky's ArtsLab show on Redshift with his brand new concept in radio, where the entire show content (including music, poetry and more) is a world premier.
I was inspired by this thought to send him a track from my next album (Rafflesia Dreams), 'Where the Golden Cornfield Light is Grown', my very first attempt in a home recorded track.

Mark is a mutli-disciplinary artist and in just a few hours, remixed this before the show to come up with his own version, 'Dreams of Golden Cornfield Light'. I'm very much the beginner here, and don't know how he does it!

Studio 1, Artslab 2, Episode Zero
New song, 1. Versions, 2!

I chatted about how my lack of ability in recording technology may have, in other ways, forced me to focus on creative aspects of the recording process. 

By the way, Mark is looking for new content of all types, poetry, sounds and more for his show. It has to have never have been published before, not even on facebook or youtube, so all you musos and poets out there, even rough demos and draft work, get it in to him!
Me and Mark pre-air.
Thanks to Redshift Radio for the pic.
Listen Again!


Mark Sheeky said...

I loved working on this remix, look forward to hearing a few more tracks from this exciting project over the coming months.

JT said...

Cheers Mark! I'll definitely be in touch again soon. Good luck with you're exiting new show and your many art projects! J.