Monday, May 02, 2016

Music Reigns - The Lymelight Festival 2016.

All the fun of the fair, was there.
May 2nd, 2016.

The third outdoor festival gig I've done this spring and the third one done in torrential rain. Even the Signal One stage covering along the roof and sides of the stage area was not enough to stop serious sprayage from getting onto the stage and also wind-blown rain spraying in. The stage crew did a great continual job of trying to keep it in check but like King Cnut, it was to no avail as pools ever closenned to my pedal board and rain sprayed onto my mic.

Luckily the rain normalized a bit otherwise I think it would've either been called off for safety reasons or stopped anyway due to my sudden death. The love of music surpassed all this wet nonsense however and the music-loving crowds snuggled under umbrellas and bopped in their kagools.
Thanks all at The Lymelight Festival for making this happen! :D

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