Monday, May 30, 2016

Awesome Audlem 2016 !

Nice crowds and atmosphere in the Audlem sunshine.
I'd been asked to play 3 festivals on the same day which proved a) a logistical nightmare and b) a problem in terms on not wanting to overplay the same area. I was already booked to play the Audlem Festival long before I was offered the other ones and in any case it's a great festival to play with a lovely atmosphere.

The only downside from my personal point of view was that a lot of the acts I would most like to have seen were booked at a time when I couldn't see them for various reasons, especially Tiki Black, Michelle Martin, Oli Ng, Headsticks and Hiedi Browne, all wonderful songwriting talents, as I always try to home in on the original artists which have far more interest for me. There were probably other original acts I really love there too that I can't recall right now, sorry!
I did manage to catch some of the great self-penned tunes of Sheena Bratt (although I couldn't see her from where my little entourage were sat) and Megan Dixon Hood's top set with her band. The entourage in question were Mike and Lynne of the shop sessions who really helped me out on the day. Mike is also getting a lot of airplay lately for his very dark, bluesy songs from his Kwalaparla outfit, do check Kwalaparla out, along with all the other acts I've mentioned above (just click on the names, as always) - top tunes!

Little Blue & Red Severn await.

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