Sunday, May 22, 2016

Doggie Day Afternoon!

All sorts of fun going on, with pooches as the main stars of course.
Photo by Tim Lee.
I was delighted to be guest of the lovely people at Redshift Radio to play at definitely cutest gig I've done so far, at the annual Doggie Day Out! 

I failed to win in any of the categories, not even best behaved boy, scruffiest animal (I was robbed) or best biscuit catcher, but had a good time nonetheless.

Other music on hand came from the super-songwriting talent of Tim Lee, and the gorgeous voice of Lucy Ollier, do make sure you check their music out wherever you can.

Thanks to Paul, Liz and most of all Redshift-Pooch Jasper plus it was great to get some audience reaction from one of the cutest dogs there, Wilson (Tim's owner).

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