Monday, November 23, 2015

The Real Santa.

Tim Lee, who played wonderfully before us,  and drummer Dave set up behind the curtain.

'Curtain up' or rather, open.
22nd November, 2015

Another charity concert for the Blue Yellows gang, this one with a definite Christmassy feel and another important cause; Crisis, the charity for single, homeless people. This being the relatively spacious environs, the Morton Jubilee Hall, Macclesfield.

Majenta was the wonderful organiser, a highly talented multi-disciplinary artist in her own right. A variety of acts and stalls entertained, including the young stars from Stagecoach and Santa himself. Indeed, Santa (clearly the real one) proved to be a nimble mover on the dance floor during our take on 'These boots are made for walking'!

In the circumstances we had to do a mega-quick set up and mega-minimal sound-check, which compromised our stage sound significantly, so most of the band couldn't hear various other instruments and/or themselves. I'm told it all sounded A-OK out front though, and the important thing on this occasion being the need to raise money for homeless people this Christmas. Well done all!

A further significant point. my first mince pie of the season!

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