Thursday, November 19, 2015

A lovely booking.

A lovely book-shop audience. Especially Lola here!

My poultry-loving-poet friend (everyone should have one) Helen Kay asked me to do a kind of support/accompanying role for her reading at Nantwich Bookshop. Now poets have an even harder time than songwriters in trying to make a living from their art, but you would never had guessed it if you had been to this event.

Although clearly not as large as most music venues, the bookshop event was sold out and had to turn further interested people away. Helen performed from her recent publication 'A Poultry Lover's Guide to Poetry', entertaining the audience along with her side-kick Nigella (a puppet-Hen!).

As her other side-kick, I was to provide some atmospheric guitar accompaniment to some of her poems,  rhythmic, staccato and, well 'clucky' in one case and more melancholic and atmospheric in another. Before going on to perform my song 'Just Us Chickens' which was inspired by Helen's work. Although this was written as a one-off piece for a previous gig where we shared the bill, as requested this has now become a two-off, perhaps with more to come.

Notice how I cunningly avoided all the poultry-related puns in this article? Well, almost.

Helen's book.
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