Saturday, November 07, 2015

Piracy is(n't always) killing music.

Nov 6th, 2015

A night off from performing as The Blue Yellows (well not exactly, as we did a full rehearsal for our next BYs gig before heading out to this one) to perform as pirate band - The Blue Beards! Yes, indeed me hearties. 
This bussman's holiday was in aid of Zebu, the historic ship docked in Liverpool which recently sank, and is now in much need of funds now that she's been re-floated. This all took place at The Forest View Inn somewhere pretty much in Delamere Forest, and took some serious navigating down some windy wooded lanes to find.
Well worth it and felt more like a night out than a gig.

Read more about Zebu's re-floating and the need to raise funding for her HERE.

Thanks to Cap'n Dave 'The Groove' for the photos. 

Shipmate Simon guzzles the grog.
Jellyfish Jonnie &
Eaglesnest Emma.

Capt'n Coomer prepares to
punish the cajon.

The 'Blue Beards' hauling some keel.

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