Sunday, September 27, 2015

To the Edge! Wilmslow & Alderley Beer & Wine Festival.

September 26th, 2015Wilmslow & Alderley Beer & Wine Festival.
Sadie Pickering entertains the festival goers.
 A full band show for The Blue Yellows, in semi-acoustic mode, and a lovely festival, a first time for us (& may have also been the first one of this particular festival, if so, it was a great success and would have no doubt they will do it again).

Sadie Pickering, who you may know as an accomplished actor having been in Waterloo Road, Splintered and 24 Seven among other things, is also a soulfully-voiced, talented singer songwriter. She entertained the crowds and introduced us, and the other acts who included Liam McClair who had impressed so much at The King's Arms Festival and the astounding vocal-percussion artist, Kimmy Beatbox.
Being a beer and wine festival there was of course more quality drinking (and eating) to be done than anyone could have any right to expect.
With a similar atmosphere, this felt like to me as the other book-end to the lovely Milefest earlier in the year, as we'll be lucky to get such a summery-feeling outdoor show again this year.
Thanks to the people from The Yard on The Edge and all the fantastic young dancers who entertained us!
Sadie Pickering.
The Blue Yellows in semi-acoustic mode. Thanks to Wilmslow & Alderley Beer & Wine Fest for the photo.

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