Monday, September 07, 2015

The Beautiful North.

Saturday, Sept 5th, 2015

The King's Arms
Back-street wonderfulness.
On Saturday I headed for Salford to play Paul Heaton's (The Beautiful South/Housemartins) venue, the King's Arms for the annual music and comedy festival.

It was nearly a disaster for me actually thanks only to my own stupidity, having walked from Piccadilly station to the place I was convinced the venue was. For some reason I was wrong, very wrong.

With phone battery and access to google maps fading, I found myself running around various parts of Manchester & Salford before bearing's were finally got again, with the help of a few people I frantically asked.

With a very sweaty half hour to spare, I set up and tried to relax in a really lively, almost boisterous atmosphere. I could not have asked for a more wonderful audience, as soon as I started playing the chatting stopped, they listened, they 'whopped' excitedly during my solo-y bits, and cheered and applauded generously at the end. A wonderful, music-loving, fun-loving, giving bunch of people up for a great time,  if ever there was.
The most eclectic, fantastic talent in every corner of the place, upstairs and down and a great atmosphere all round. 
What - more - could - you - possibly - want!?!
Thank you Salford!

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