Sunday, October 04, 2015

Oxjam by Tram.

Oct 3rd, 2015

My first ever ride on a Manchester tram and I couldn't fault this wonderful service, one arrived as soon as I got to the tram station a couple of minutes after leaving the train at Piccadilly, same on the return, are they always that regular!? Clean, quiet, plenty of seats and cheap. Every town and city should have this.
There was a gorgeous, misty backdrop to the canals and buildings of Manchester from the often high vantage-point of the tram window, quite beautiful really, you could almost forget that the evil ones were arriving in town.

My stop was Chorlton, for the Oxjam Manchester Takeover. A great event and all for a good cause, my gig taking place in a cool and characterful bar, Strange Brew, were I enjoyed a gorgeous pre-gig black coffee (espreso-esque in it's tastiness) and one of the fabulous ales to keep the vocal cords lubricated, during.

I also got to see Richard Lomax perform, brilliant lyrics and tunes and not at all an Ed Sheeran sound-alike, unlike almost every other 'original' songwriter these days!

Talking of Oxjam, it's a good excuse to mention my next gig with The Blue Yellows and another one for the charity, in association with the fantastic Words and Music Festival, Nantwich. Radio Two favourites The Reads will also be performing.

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