Friday, April 11, 2014

Recording day 2. Solo album with special guests Hayley Strangelove & Paul Senior.

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014.

Day 2 at Orchard started in a similar way in that it was a do a couple of takes, come back round for a listen, repeat.. sort of a day up until my next lot of special-guest-heroes of the hour arrived.

Between them, the supreme vocal talents of Hayley Strangelove and Paul Senior have got a full rainbow of musical colours covered. They are both blessed with the sort of soulful, gritty, articulate singing voices that most singers would happily kill for. Hayley's vocal range is also so broad as to take in anything and everything from low and smokey, sensual and meek, to the kind of madcap playful soaring where only Kate Bush has been before. When I say they are blessed, that's not to say it's just down to luck. I know Hayley works very hard on her singing, and I'm sure Paul does too,  practicing and pushing herself all the time, as all musicians should (it's never just luck or talent alone but hard work too).

Least to say, they did an absolutely incredible job on the backing vocals for a few tracks, just magic!

Once again thank you so much guys!
L-R Hayley & Paul of Baxter fame, and producer/percussionist Dan.

An on-going hero of all the hours in the studio is of course Dan, but I can hardly call him a special guest as he's doing all the recording as we go along. But he got a chance to really go to work on some percussion today too, brilliant!

Hayley and Paul work together regularly as the musical duo Baxter, look them up HERE.

Paul is also the lead singer of the acclaimed rock band Son of Shinobi, Look them up HERE.

Quirky problem of the day; Not remembering words to songs I know well but am lost without playing the guitar, but getting a song I finished writing the night before recording right first time (and spontaneously "BrapappaBapapaBapp"ing during the song, hence the working title!)

It's all starting to sound fantastic now. Next session; Guitar bits. Very excited!
Dan's percussion kit, as played on a number of tracks.


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