Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another great night at The Nag's.

Hayley from the band (with Yuffi) and T.J (Tim) Lee recorded some percussion.
In musical terms the day started quite early for some of the muso’s involved that evening as our special guest and support act for the evening, T.J. Lee ,having just released his album, Blossom, has already started recording his next album. He was to be found at BYs central with Hayley from the band laying down some rhythm tracks.
The night, as always at The Nag’s in Crewe, was a great night with music-loving regulars and people who came especially to see us giving us a real party. We are very much a band who like to pick and choose where we play, rather than do anything and everything we’re offered and this is the place we want in Crewe; a specific music-pub with musical events several times a week that looks after musicians and the music-loving regulars, not a cover-only karaoke-rock type of place. Super-intimate, great atmosphere and now even better looking and sounding band room, just great. Thanks to all who came along and Jacqui from the venue.

Gig highlight - stage invasion by Bumble, the Westie :)
Thanks to Helen Sladen for the photo.
An action-shot by Lorraine Cole Azmeh, showing T.J joining us on stage.

Indeed. Oh there's my twitter name btw, and the band's :)

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