Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A Tour De Force!

The audience seemed to love the show, here are some of them in the interval enjoying a hot drink or cold beer.
Like most or more likely all independent musician's, I've had my fair share of promoters, organisers and venues who treat the musician or band as a cheap (or even free) way to make money, perhaps through beer sales, without giving much time or effort over to trying to make make a success of the night, leaving that side of things entirely to the musician's involved. I'm delighted to say that this event was event was the polar opposite of any of that. Mike Willacy who runs The Cycle Junction bike shop near Sandbach is clearly as nuts about music as he is about bikes. An enthusiasm which clearly had an impact on the success of this sell-out event.

The 2012 live music act means that small venues, or would-be venues, are now able to host live music events without too much bother. (The M.U. have some fab advice and downloadable kit HERE for those who run cafes, pubs, village halls or any other potential venue that could host a live-music show). Now, I have read some criticism of the act, including the view that this will encourage more pubs to have bands on in any particular area meaning that the potential available audience for live music in that area would be more dispersed, making things worse for musicians, venues and punters (in terms of atmosphere in the latter case). I would hope though that the act will mean more potential venues will consider it. It was certainly a huge success in this case, and honestly the best gig I have ever done in a bike shop ;)

In this case it was the stunning vocal talent of Hayley Strangelove who was in a more supportive role on this occasion, and I will return the favour on the evening of July 31st when I support both Hayley and Paul Senior in the guise of Baxter

For the full run-down of ace talents appearing at these shop-sessions,have a look over HERE

Thanks to Mike & his team for the videos below. Now, I must dust off my Pinarello!

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Hayley and Paul, 'back-stage' and back soon as "Baxter".

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