Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unsung Heroes and Samurai Swords

Behind every on-stage performance and hours of writing, rehearsing, travelling, equipment buying preparing and loading is a whole rank of unsung heroes who never get their moment under the stage lights including family, babysitters, partners and helpers plus this one; Emma's own Vincent, which doubles as the band van (see interior shot, partly loaded for a rehearsal). The live pic is from the weekend's Crewe Live 11 Festival (Thanks to The Duke for that one) which saw some great bands and artists perform all over the town and everyone seemed to enjoy (shorlty after our set there was a sudden and huge police presence which someone said was due to someone walking about brandishing a samurai sword, but all that was well, ended well thankfully!


Martin Ed said...

Samurai Skeets strikes again?

JayTee said...

Heheee, maybe?!?