Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recording fun :)

You can now see links to my new download provider at bandcamp on the right of this blog. You can download my entire album Happy Juice and/or Humankind by The BlueYellows, as well as a few other individual tracks, most of which you can choose how much you want to pay should you choose to download it...

.. and just to show that recording can be fun, here's an unedited track from The Applecause days (faded out on the final mix)... you can hear our already-recorded track in the background (bleeding through from our headphones). Happy Days :)

The photo is also from those days... As well as myself, The Applecause included Emma, also now in The BlueYellows, Nik Thomas currently enjoying plenty of gigs with metal outfit Chimps On Death Row, Warren Goff and Mike Clowes.

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