Monday, May 02, 2011

Set In Sandstone.

(photos - Zinney Live on stage, Soundcheck at Bickerton Village Hall)
I spent much of my childhood wandering round the gorgeous wooded hills around Beeston and Peckforton, so it's been lovely to combine my love of this area with my love of music.
Before the gig, and on the following day I enjoyed plenty of walking in the lovely hills with my fellow band-members. We played a mainly "acoustic" set before Zinney came on to introduce his soulful, moving songs. Ric Sanders was a revelation, (youtube and the like does not do any justice to the experience of witnessing this guy live). He is a truly inspiring musician who just makes you want to stretch yourself more and more on your instrument, and to non-playing music fans he is an incredible and entertaining musician. His approach to the violin was playful, jazzy, at times moving and with more than a hint of prog-rock about it :) The interplay between himself and guitarist Vo Fletcher was a joy, clearly a pair who had played together for many years telepathically knowing the direction they were heading, perhaps on well practiced compositions but also clearly with plenty of musical spanners thrown playfully into the works to keep everything alive and spontaneous. Vocalist Catherine Howe, who had a huge hit in the 70s with "Harry" added spirited vocals which evoked a timeless, almost movie-esque quality into the mix. In short, an EPIC night of music!
(Photo - The band's right, and left hand man Pete at Camp BlueYellows!)

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