Thursday, April 21, 2011

Radio Daze

We've done a fair bit or radio in recent times. I joined The BlueYellows last Monday evening for Simon Newbury's Show on Redshift Radio where we really got through quite a few songs, we went a bit mad and brought loads of intruments and equipment for a would be "acoustic" performance. Thanks Simon, for putting up with us and giving us the opportunity! Simon is a busy guy, his main vocation I think being a very accomplished photographer (see his website here) plus every year he organises Crewe's wonderful Boxjam event, the first one, in 2009 being the very first gig for The BlueYellows! The man himself invited us back again to Boxjam 2011, and while not wanting to wish the summer away already, it's a great event and I kind of can't wait already! On Wednesday daytime it was back to radio-land again, a different station and this time Andy Anderson's "Meet The Songwriter's" show, an interesting show for real music fans and budding musicians and songwriters in particular.

Photos Simon Newbury (taken by me, obviously, not him!) and thanks to Andy for the picture of me at his show.

If you're quick you can still listen to Meet The Songwriters HERE!

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