Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Music of the forest and the surf"...

I love that it's not always so easy to work out which will be the really cool gigs. The Commercial is an ancient, (unchanged by the hands of unscrupulous landlords), pub and hotel with it's own parrot and history steeped into it's walls. We had a great night there thanks to the amazing talents of Hayley Strangelove, Guitar Mal and Phil Maddocks who supported us and both Mal who joined us on improvised trumpet and Jason Louth who joined us on a rare outing for "Custard" a song which he and I co-wrote and which Em named. Most of all though it was down to the wonderful, considerate, listening, enthusiastic friends and strangers who came along to see us all. Thanks xxx

courtesy of Olga Whitmore and Guitar Mal. Cheers guys.


Martin Rivers said...

Sorry I couldn't make it to the "Commercial". Especially since it's one of my favourite pubs. I'll keep a look out for any future gigs there.

JT said...

There seems to be quite a bit going on there, including the snooker room becoming a propper band room. I'm sure we'll be back in a couple of months and there's other stuff going on too. All the best Martin.